This is a question, the worst question I think I ever had to answer at school. I was in grade 11 Chem and it was the second or third class. Our teacher had give us some 'homework' questions (but like all good nerds I finished them in class) to do with Chem and Science. They ranged from 'How would you describe chemistry?' to 'Name 3 industries that chemistry is involved in'. An how this was one of the questions 'Why do we believe science is causal?'. I had no idea. It is just a given in copular life that all things are causal. But I thought no she wouldn't ask us a question with as stupid an answer as 'Because we say so', would she?

Well come the next class I had all the answers to all the other questions. I was the only one in the class putting up my hand to answer most of them but come that question, I put my hand down. I waited for her answer. It came with a sudden thump of stupidity "Because it would be to hard to discover anything if it wasn't.' What kind of an answer is that! She might as well have said 'Because I say so'. I was in a chemistry class one of the basic sciences and was expecting a scientific answer. Something that I could measure or prove or at lest have a theory on.

And before anyone says it, yes I know that she is technically right. It would be impossible to discover anything if sciences was acausal. But still the reason sciences is causal has nothing to do with us and everything to do with the way the universe is.

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