A fun game to play with a group of two or more people who are very bored. Play proceeds as follows:

The best questions are those to which everybody can be forthcoming and witty about. This is not Truth or Dare without the dare. Good examples are "When's the last time you saw a lizard?" or "What would you do if you had a prehensile tongue?" Try to phrase your questions so they elicit the most entertaining responses.

Everybody should answer truthfully, although nobody has to answer a question if they don't want to. Feel free to wander off on long tangents, if people are willing to listen.

One useful quality of this game is that it requires no explaining to the other members of the group you are playing it with. Simply throw out a question, let them answer, and look at someone else and say "Your turn."

Another useful quality is that it brings everybody closer together. If you play it with someone you don't know, they'll probably become your friend, since you know random tidbits of information about each other that you're proud of, embarassed about, etc. Whereas Truth or Dare can only work among people who are already friends or sufficiently inebriated, Ask a Stupid Question actually encourages people to contribute to the discussion.

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