Today I will go to the ArsDigita open house in Ann Arbor. I don't know much about the company, but it sounds like they're doing fun stuff that I can do too. Namely, running database-backed web servers. Plus, they're the ones who wrote Philip and Alex's Web Guide and lots of other free, web-based educational stuff. When I first got this job, I thought it was the shit, but after five years of installing troubleshooting Novell Netware client and rebooting crashed workstations, I'm ready for something new. Who knows, maybe they'll like me, but I'll probably just be overshadowed by the really geeky people who are sure to show up. Then, after that, with hopefully a little sleep before or after the open house, I'll go to my night job at the hotel. It's the last day I'm working with the night supervisor before he's off on his vacation. After that, it will be a total bloodbath because most of the rest of us don't know what we're doing and are very slow at doing it. I have these visions of long lines of angry customers in my face at 7am while I'm still struggling to get the night audit finished.

Hopefully in between all this I'll have a moment during which to add a few more items to Unfinished Stories. Maybe I'll break them down into more easily digestible pieces, because unfinished or not, some of that stuff is LONG.