Many people complain about X, and it is crufty, but I like it.

Sure, as a programmer I've seen the horror that is the result of Xlib, colormaps, and some really obscure and outdated things. But GDK abstracts that pretty well. And hey, if you can find any other graphics library with these many applications that's streamable over a network (I do use remote X sometimes, and it is great!), I'd like to see it.

Many people complain about no standard widget library or window manager. These people are truly clueless. That's the beauty of X! It only does graphics. It's an independent network protocol. It's a foundation. Build on it. Use whatever window manager you like. If you want something slim, use wm2. If you want a swiss army chainsaw bloat thingy that looks reel purty, use enlightenment. If you want something in between, there's WindowMaker. If you like C++, code for KDE. If you want C, code for GTK+. If you want commercial UNIX, code for Motif. If you've got a thing for Objective C, code for GNUstep. Do you really want somebody like Microsoft telling you how to manage your windows, what your widget API is like, et cetera?

As for all this talk of desktop shit, I don't care about that. My computer is used as a workstation, not a desktop. It's running fvwm2 for chrissake.

So, if you complain about X, shame on you. Most people who do are ignorant (the word "slashbot" comes to mind). The people with valid points, there are some, and I agree with them in part, but hey, use what works!