There are five roller coasters with the name Mind Eraser, all steel coasters produced by Vekoma. Four of them are identical, and the last is one of Vekoma's "cookie cutter" designs.

The first of the identical Mind Erasers opened at Six Flags America on 20 May 1995. The fourth produced in Vekoma's "Suspended Looping Coaster" line, it is inverted and features five inversions: a cobra roll (which contains two of the inversions), a twist loop, and two heartline flips. As the biggest new attraction, it was placed at what was then the back of the park. The track is 2,170 feet long and 115 feeth high; the greatest drop is 95 feet and the ride's top speed is 55mph. Each of the two trains has eight cars, and can hold a total of 32 riders. Because the ride takes just two minutes and five seconds, riders are usually left in the brakes while the next train finishes loading. The track itself is red and the supports are blue.

By 1997, the SLC had proven a hit design for Vekoma. Their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth SLC coasters were installed at Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Six Flags Darien Lake, and Six Flags New England. The SFDL edition of the Mind Eraser opened first, on 17 May 1997, at a cost of $8.5 million. One week later, on 24 May, the Mind Eraser at SFNE opened after costing $10 million. The Mind Eraser at Elitch Gardens was also $10 million, and opened on 2 June. All four of these Mind Erasers are identical, right down to the color scheme.

The one "anomaly" among Mind Erasers is still a standard Vekoma ride. Located at Six Flags World of Adventure, it was the 25th Boomerang installed and opened in 1996. The track is 875 feet long and 125 feet high; as on all Vekoma boomerangs there are three inversions and it reaches a top speed of 48mph. The ride takes one minute and forty-eight seconds, and this Mind Eraser - which has blue track with white supports - can process 750 riders per hour.