Amusement Park (or Theme Park) in Western New York, west of Batavia and east of Buffalo. Considered the roller coaster capital of New York State, with five roller coasters: the Viper (venerable steel coaster), the Predator (rough wooden coaster), the Mind Eraser (suspended coaster), the Boomerang (backwards-forwards coaster), and Superman, The Ride of Steel, one of the tallest and fastest coasters in the East, outside of Cedar Point.

A primary day-trip destination for much of Western New York, Darien Lake was an independent park before being bought by Paramount a few years back. Six Flags then bought it and several other parks from Paramount. As a result, Looney Tunes (and other Warner Bros. properties) have taken over Darien Lake, although they are not as intrusive they could be.

Darien Lake also has an attached campground and hotel and is a popular camping destination.

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