The title story of For Your Eyes Only is an interesting side-trip in the career of Bond.

It opens with the murder of a pair of English colonial landowners in Jamaica by a trio of Cubans who want to buy their land and won't take no for an answer.

Bond is called into M.s's office to learn that the murders of the Havelocks were to benefit one of Batista's lieutenants, an ex-Nazi named von Hammerstein, who is buying property in Jamaica in order to get his money safely out of Cuba. (Castro is in the hills, and the wise know what is about to happen.) Anyway, turns out that M. knew the murdered couple, was best man at their wedding. He gived Bond the dossier (stamped For Your Eyes Only, a grade higher than Top Secret) and sends him to Hammerstein's US retreat, via Canada, with one mission -- execute him. It's essentially off the books, a job of personal vengance for M. with Bond as his gun, justifiable only because it sends a "Do not trifle with Britain" message.

Once in Canada, Bond gears up and hikes a few miles across the border. While creeping up on the estate house with his rifle, he is intercepted by the inevitable girl -- Judy Havelock, armed with a hunter's bow, come to perform the same mission.

She kills Hammerstein, Bond kills the bodyguards, and they get away clean.

The heart of the story is Bond's musings about his role as the stiletto of Her Majesty, and of M.