She collected broken hearts
Like some kind of kleptomaniac
Looking to get her fix
She didn’t have to see them
The knowledge that they were there,
stashed away somewhere
was more than enough
To get her through the night

She collected broken hearts
Just like an athlete that craves
that shining trophy,
she’ll do anything to win.
She puts them proudly on display
Untouchable behind the glass case that was her mind
And the way she told their stories you’d think
That she’d engraved her name on each of them

She collected broken hearts
Like a miser who buries his cache of coins
Deep beneath the ground
And only she knows where
She’s hidden them
They are safe from the rest of the world
To be dug up and used only when she needed them

She collected broken hearts
And she likes to keep them in reserve
She likes to save them for a rainy day.
When she’s bored senseless
She likes to break things
She wonders which one she should go about breaking
All over and over again.

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