The fifth and final story in Ian Fleming's For Your Eyes Only.

Bond, on a vacation assignment in the Seychelles, gets contracted to help an American millionaire locate a rare fish. The man is vile, a loudmouthed blowhard, and Bond instantly regrets taking the job.

The man, Milt Krest, insults, abuses, and is rude to everyone on the fish finding mission -- Bond (who he calls Jim, probably the only person to ever call Bond "Jim"), an Islander named Fidele who he calls Fido, and Mrs. Krest, who he beats with the tail of a stingray. Not a nice guy.

They locate the fish, a beautiful and poison-spined reefdweller named for its discoverer (Professor Hildebrand) and its rarity. The fish found is only the second specimen ever seen. Krest captures it by poisoning the reef with Rotenone.

Later than night, Krest is killed, the poison fish stuffed into his loud mouth. Bond covers up the crime, but the story ends with noone quite sure who killed Krest, the girl or the hired hand. All we know for sure is it wasn't, for once, Bond. My money's on the girl...

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