Ok, I haven’t written anything in a while, I guess I am just trying to prove I am not an XP whore.

Well, I’m not…. I swear…..

Anyways, On Friday I sort of totaled my car, well, the company car… the one owned by my bosses… I spent Saturday mopping around feeling depressed (what a stupid accident!) and in dread of calling my boss (even though I knew he wouldn’t get really mad)

Sunday morning (Sunday is a workday in Israel) I took a cab to work, and fixed up all the insurance and tow truck stuff, and we found out the car really wasn’t worth fixing. (It’d be about a third of the value of the car) So now I am driving the Renault Express and not the Fiat Uno….I don’t like the Renault much, but I should remember that saying, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” (I really hate French horses.)

SKIP SKIP SKIP. Until now, Monday evening, 20:19 (That’s 19 after 8 O’clock for any of you people who don’t know military time for some stupid reason)

I’m getting better at Sonic (the hedgehog), my brother lent me his old game gear, I really hated it at first, but I am getting much better, especially after those Keebler Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Slingshot. Yes sirie, I can get to the second boss now with 8 lives, and 1 continue… so he can kill me 11 whole times, instead of the 1 or 2 he usually did….. I swear I’ll pass him soon.

Today was a good day as Ice Cube might have said, I didn’t even hafta use my AK. Offcourse, I don’t own an AK, but that’s not the point, I enjoyed today, I enjoyed the word I learned the other day Tetragrammaton which is a freaking cool word.

And on a last note, part of a conversation I had today regarding a Hungarian alcoholic beverage that I consumed a while ago, it tasted a bit like gasoline and everyone else who had some either got very drunk, or very sick (I myself had about half a liter and puked a bit up later that night)

Me: Paul, how much of that poison of yours do you reckon I drank the other day?
Paul: Not enough to kill you obviously….and I would not know whether it affected your mind...since you stayed the same...which..to say the least..is disconcerting.

50 proof homemade Transilvanian brew just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be I guess…..