A professional wrestler. Real name is Keiji Mutoh.

Trained with Hiro Matsuda at the New Japan Wrestling Academy. Debuted October 5, 1984.

Started out with the name "Super Black Ninja" or "Super Ninja".

When he is The Great Muta, he wears mostly-black face paint, wears silky ninja-clothes, and frequently spouts a deadly green mist from his mouth, which frequently is used to blind opponents. This, of course, means The Great Muta is a heel, or bad guy. Sometimes, though, he is just Keiji Mutoh, and he's just a sportsmanlike wrestler.

Quite popular in Japan, and fairly well recognized in the USA, he's held a number of championship titles, including:

  • NWA World Title
  • NWA/WCW World Television Title
  • WCW Tag Team Title
  • IWGP Tag Titles(twice)
  • IWGP Heavyweight Title (3 Times)

Note that he's held the heavyweight title and the tag team title in both the United States and Japan. I know of no other wrestler that has accomplished this.

He's had a notable feud with fellow face-painted wrestler Sting during his stay with the WCW

Along with the WCW he's wrestled with the NWA, WCW, IWGP, and the WWF (I think), as well as a number of independent organizations.

One of his moves is the Shining Wizard.

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