Today is a good day.
Was a good day, since I write about things after they happen. If I wrote about things before they happened, I wouldn't be wasting my time here on e2, I'd be real busy in vegas or something.
Work begins with an unexpected gift--
My boss is still on vacation, or for you military types, leave. So I am still ruler of the roost.
I am repressing the urge to add parenthetical statementd in every sentence
Today, for some unknown reason, I feel the need to add a little explanatory remark (like this) in every sentence. I am doing my best to avoid it (But I may not be able to withstand the urge).
My daughters have become heart-breakingly beautiful.
They got their hair cut while I was underway last week, summery short bobs, just above the shoulder (I think they're called bobs, but I am a male after all). The oldest, by about twenty minutes, hgrew her bangs out, and her hair is now all the same length.

I can tell the future in her hair. She will be a soccer player, a swimmer, forever tan and lithe and strong. She will stay sensitive, and sweet, but will become even more competitive.

My younger daughter has cute little bangs that spring onto her forehead. They are expectant, eager little things. She too will excel at athletics, but her true joy will be found in the arts. She sings and hums continually--tends to drive her sister nuts, in fact. But she will be extraordinary-- an actress, a poet, a writer, a mother.

My daughters are amazing people.

The oldest threw a fit last night about her homework. She had a silly crossword puzzle to finish after storytime at the local bookstar, and melted down when she came back and sat down to actually do it. Since it was past her bedtime, we sent her to bed. Serious meltdown. Wife experienced a complete core dump and meltdown as well. Amazingly enough, I stayed sane. After a little arguing, I picked her up, and she became still. She was still upset, but calmed significantly. I know I only have a couple more years when I can do this, I can already feel them slipping away into adulthood.

We are taking our first family camping trip June 27-29
We're staying in the San Diego area, and going to either Palomar Mountain State Park or Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. They both have serious amenities--showers, toilets, etc. (a concession to my wife, who isn't all that crazy about the idea of being dirty for three straight days). I am damn excited about it. We already have a tent, a big 10ft by 12 ft enclosure with little side vestibules. I can't wait to hike around, see lizards and deer with the kiddies, and lounge by the campfire. Too cool. w