08:05:58: Teiresias: EDEV: Yet another idea - Would it be an idea to get Cool Man Eddie to notify users when a node which contains one of their writeups makes it onto the PoC?

12:53:51: mblase: EDEV: Looking at the code for ednsection (a subroutine of Everything Developer) -- couldn't the two if-else statements be combined into one? It's a minor efficiency issue, but I want to make sure I'm reading the code right.

13:39:13: N-Wing: EDEV: re ednsection - no, since the first set checks to see if you collapsed/expanded a group, and the 2nd set displays the group as per your settings

17:04:55: Eraser_: EDEV: re CME/PoC, i would like that...never really know if you get PoC'd...

17:06:18: N-Wing: EDEV: Hehe, Eddie does inform about editor cools now.

17:13:51: Eraser_: EDEV: what are the different usergroups for e2? (like ones you can /msg) is there a list somewhere?

17:15:04: jaubertmoniker: EDEV: List Nodes of Type then select usergroups from the list

18:37:36: mblase: EDEV: so why's the chatterbox so quiet? Something broken?

18:39:22: anotherone: EDEV: No, you're in the political asylum rather than outside. Cheers!

18:39:40: atesh: EDEV: It's quite loud mblase.. you're in the political asylum..

19:34:09: JayBonci: ONO: EDEV: You know if you scroll down the colors in ENN really quickly all I can think about is "Must send check to N-Wing" I dunno about this one... hehe

20:44:28: mblase: EDEV: *thumps head* ... one more good reason to allow room-switching from the Chatterbox nodelet. :-)

21:06:54: JayBonci: EDEV: Does the edcool message just the creator of the node, or does it talk to everyone who has a writeup with that parent..? Just curious

21:19:00: Byzantine: EDEV: (JayBonci) It notifies everyone

21:19:03: mblase: EDEV: re edev: organizing the Epicenter/Vitals nodelets -- should we make the ednsection function more general so it can be used in other nodelets? It *can* be used elsewhere, but it says "edn" all over it. A nitpick.

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