03:31:37: JayBonci: EDEV: Hey are any Java Chatterbox users out there unable to get their private messages?

09:08:23: JayBonci: EDEV: False alarm. It works for me now. Oh well, user error! hehe

17:07:28: yerricde: EDEV: Would it be trivial or tough to link Epicenter's server time to the current day log?

17:22:36: Eraser_: EDEV: they do it on the front page..maybe viewcode that and see how they do it?

17:24:48: Chris-O: EDEV: the main page code calls {daylog}, which seems simple enough.

17:27:08: Chris-O: EDEV: and the code from epicenter suggests (to me, anyway) that such a hack wouldn't be too difficult.

20:57:02: Amoeba Protozoa: EDEV: Howabout this suggestion: add a link to the epicenter to search for a node, thus eliminating the overhead of having to go to my user page when I want to search and not add softlinks.

21:13:57 : m_turner: EDEV: what about just making a checkbox 'no softlink' (that is by default off) next to 'near match' and 'ignore exact'?

21:35:15: atesh: EDEV: I remember N-Wing working on something like that quite a few monthes ago. Even for a few minutes, a box like so appeared next to the search box..

21:45:49: hodgepodge: EDEV: Doesn't that kind of defeat the entire purpose of softlinking? The softlinks are there to record where people go from which nodes...

21:51:31: m_turner: EDEV: what do you do when you are on kermit the frog and suddenly get a desire to go look at nudes for noders; smut that matters. Do you make the softlink or jump out to a page that dosn't?

21:56:46: m_turner: EDEV: (personaly) I find softlinks more intresting as 'where a person came to from this node' or rahter 'what nodes link to this one?' Inadvertant softlinking is a thing many try to avoid. The easier this is the more relevant (useful) the softlinks.

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