We are "driving" in a green and midwestern-y sort of area — the terrain is rather flat — except that we don't seem to have a car. We move on and off the various on-ramps... maybe we don't even move our feet.

We stop at a public swimming pool — perhaps it is some kind of amusement park. We expect it to be deserted but there is a big pool party going on. The pool is practically full of people. The people are friendly and they want to see our baby. They invite us to unload our portacrib while they coo over the baby.

The changing rooms are even more full of people than the pool was. There are drains all around the walls, below lockers that don't work. The drains seem to be filled with some herb-decorated variety of marinara sauce, and the rooms smell in a way that is almost sickeningly sweet. We are afraid to leave anything in the lockers, something just feels very "off" about the whole situation. Why are all these people here? How did they know we were coming? If they didn't expect us, then what is this pool party about?

Feeling considerable disquiet we return to the pool area and try to act as though we are not too wary.