I've never seen the green flash, nor the red tide, but I have been inside a rainbow. It's quite something.

I didn't think it was possible to get to the end of the rainbow. Usually, as one moves toward it, it recedes; it's always over the next hill or behind those trees... that's the point, right? That's why the leprechaun's treasure is so elusive...

Well, it was a few years ago, spring, a rainy day in Mathews, Virginia. It was one of those days when the dark clouds and sky serve as a dramatic backdrop for bright areas of sunshine; where random growth by the side of the road looks like technicolor plants from The Wizard of Oz. The road was so wet it was reflecting light. I kept driving through rain showers and then patches of sunshine that had a very misty quality, because of the high humidity. I was watching the rainbow, and was surprised to see that we seemed to be getting closer to it.

We rounded a bend in the road, and suddenly we were inside the rainbow. I could see colors in the water vapor in the air all around us; green and yellow and orange were the clearest, but shades of red, blue, and violet were also visible. It was kind of like looking through a translucent, colored filter, but the effect was (of course) three-dimensional.

The most amazing thing was that the phenomenon lasted--we must have been inside the rainbow for a good three-tenths of a mile.