En fot i regnbågen

Third novel by author Sture Dahlström written in 1964.

Once again a Swede, Jerp Sol, living in Spain, making a living growing sugar cane, and otherwise lying in the shadow of white walls.

He has a wife and is surrounded by heaps of children, friends and pets. For a long time he has dreamed of going to Africa, and the chance comes along when a Swedish friend sends him money to go to Morocco to try to get hold of some antique rifles. Jerp brings two friends in an old car through Morocco.

Berber girls, oasises, caravans, blue men all cross their path.

The main thread through the the novel is for each person to search for his or her own rainbow. The Spanish Rafael wants to move to the affluent Sweden. Jerp tries to dissuade him, but promises him to help with some practicalities, like some Swedish words that can come in handy.

car, washing machine, freezer, pills, stress, stomach ulcer, neurosis, apartment, queue, duty, rules, expensive, no time

Rafael believes that Sweden is the dream country and Jerp realises that there are more than one rainbow in the world...

If you want to read it I'm afraid you have to learn Swedish.

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