Sometimes I read all the writeups in a node and I wish it were possible to vote on the whole node. When you add a writeup to a node, you should make it self-sufficient, but you should also pay attention to what's already there. Generally noders do this pretty well, and so as the number of writeups in a node grows, some collaboration between the authors appears. This often makes for a node that is fun to read and informative, even if it's treating a difficult subject.

This brings me to another enhancement I see in the future of E2. (If no one else does it, I will someday.) There ought to be a way to encourage people to go back over their existing work and improve it. Of course, I'm still pretty green, so maybe as I get to know more, I will see that encouragement from other noders (which already happens) is the ideal mechanism for this and it already works perfectly.

For example, if you've voted on a writeup, wouldn't it be cool if you were notified when the author made a change to it so you could go back and see how it changed? Or maybe you'd get this notification for any nodes that you've bookmarked. If noders need motivation to update their previous work, perhaps voters could be given the opportunity to change their vote.

I don't feel these ideas are worthy of the suggestion box just yet. Hopefully noders in the know will msg me with insights that I haven't yet had on my own and I can hone my ideas a bit more. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the day logs and thanks for reading.