Very, very mixed metaphor dream. There were 20 or so people in the house. Everyone in the dream was naked. Most of them were snuggled under identical blankets, on identical mats, like in kindergarten taking naps. Two had the approximate body build of my current amour. One had the face of my current man and was heavier (fatter), the other, the one who was singing, had the face of my ex-boyfriend from several years ago. (He looked and sang like an angel. ...sigh... What a beauty.)

I kept shushing him to sing quietly, as the others (my sleeping selves? my inner selves that have merged into me?) were going to sleep. He rolled over on his back in a "come hither" pose and I discovered that he no longer had a penis, but instead had a vagina. I was very turned on.

I then noticed that they both had vaginas, and this was normal.