Very, very mixed metaphor dream. There were 20 or so people in the house. Everyone in the dream was naked. Most of them were snuggled under identical blankets, on identical mats, like in kindergarten taking naps. Two had the approximate body build of my current amour. One had the face of my current man and was heavier (fatter), the other, the one who was singing, had the face of my ex-boyfriend from several years ago. (He looked and sang like an angel. ...sigh... What a beauty.)

I kept shushing him to sing quietly, as the others (my sleeping selves? my inner selves that have merged into me?) were going to sleep. He rolled over on his back in a "come hither" pose and I discovered that he no longer had a penis, but instead had a vagina. I was very turned on.

I then noticed that they both had vaginas, and this was normal.

*sigh* my first dream involving E2. How much do I remember?

The significant part happened in a bathroom. There was this asian girl, she looked like a doll in a gorgeous formal dress, she came out of a stall. Her mom was there, too. It was odd. She stared coming on to me, pressing her body up to me. She smelled great, and felt soft. We ground a little, then we stared necking, and I asked who she was, and she said I knew her, she was (damn I wish I could remember the exact name) some male-sounding username from E2. We kissed, a really great kiss, with tongue. After some kissing time, she pushed something from inside her mouth into mine, some kind of food. Then I woke up.

There is so much disturbing symbology in this dream. I'm kind of disturbed recounting it. But what's weird is (a) it was a very enjoyable dream, and (b) it was erotic, which my dreams almost never are.

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I had travelled to Japan with a big group of friends. At least I think they were my friends, although they bore no resembleance to guys I know in real life.
Anyway, we took a bus from the airport to reach the house of a family I knew, in order to stay there for one night. The rest of the group watched out of the bus windows in awe, but I was too busy writing something down in a notebook.
The house was very small and the whole bunch had to sleep in one room, meaning we were packed. We had to wake up at 6 o'clock in order to do something very important, but instead of sleeping the guys were making a lot of noise and acting like a bunch of dumbasses. The family we were staying at was starting to get really pissed off, so I had no choice but to snap at the noisemakers telling them to STFU immediately or they'd be sorry. It worked.
Next day, we were walking in a busy street. Suddenly I found out that due to some mishap I was all out of money, and it was the second day of our trip. After panicing a bit, I decided to visit a nearby bank to see if it was possible to get cash from my account in Finland quickly.
I was shown in to the manager's office. Surprisingly, he was a bald and tall British man with a heavy accent. In addition to him and his secretary, there were two people sleeping in the office. The manager told me not to mind them.

Bah. As my real life trip to Japan is looking extremely improbable, dreams like this is not what I need.

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