I was James Bond, and I had discovered some criminal hideout. I drove on the yard with my trike, but noticed three black-clothed motorcyclists those came out from the garage under the house to intercept me. Two of them had long pipes on their bikes, with a large net coming out from them and connecting the bikes. They tried to catch me with it, but I managed to cheat them to fire the net at the third biker, who was caught between two trees by the net. I circled around him to face the remaining two bikers, but noticed that two female villains who I was after were escaping the house with atv's, so I headed after them. They curved to the road, and though my trike accelerated more slowly, I managed to keep them in sight. They headed for an intersection of the road and three railways, and the barriers were about to come down to stop the traffic. The villains got across the railway crossing and left their atv's to start running by a walkway built two-meters separate from the railway. The railway and the walkway had a curved bridge on them, so the area between them had a long way down to the rocky shore below. As I got to the intersection, a train was already crossing it and the barriers were down, but I didnt have time to wait so I rode around the barrier and to the side of the train. I looked back and forth, and noticed that second train was coming against me on the tracks I was riding on, so I had to slow down and slip on the tracks of the train thats side I was riding at. The walkway turned in much sharper curve than the railway, so I was getting further away from it, but I noticed that the railway bridge had a mainetance concrete slab that was almost connected to the walkway, so I dropped half meter down from the tracks to the mainetance level poking outward from under the bridge. The level was narrow and had metal planks to support the tracks, so I just managed to fit my trike on it, but I still had to ride as fast as I could to catch the villains. In front of me the mainetance level was making a sharp turn to the side of the walkway, and I saw the villains running back the way they had came, one of them shouting to the last one "There's no time, you must leave it there!", so I thought that this would be a good catch. They got away, but as I got to the walkway, I got the two large sacks they had been carrying.

i'm somewhere, inside or outside... i think inside. it's dark, but only dark enough not be able to make out my surroundings. i'm on adderall. i can feel it make my whole body tingle. i take another 20mg orange pill from joe. i feel good. i'm here with joe and carri. i briefly think of my hospitalized cat. carri is wearing a red handkerchief over her head and has her hair in two pigtails. i don't recall our conversation. i'm vaguely aware that she is naked, but it's either too dark to make it out or i don't look to see if she is.

I usually don't dream. At all. Or if I do, I don't remember that I had a dream. And now, two days in a row, I have excessively bizarre dreams and I remember them. It is exceedingly odd. At least this one is traceable to something I was actually thinking about yesterday.

You see, me and my three best friends here have all gotten an apartment together in Heritage Halls (Upper-classman ward, hurrah!) and that will be great fun. But I was contemplating about how we were going to stock our fridge and cupboard and keep track of foods and stuff like that before I went to bed last night, so that's where this dream comes from.

I dreamed that three other people and I were shopping for groceries with which to stock our apartment. In my dream, I thought they were my roommates, though I did not recognize them as Meghead, Chelsea, and Kristen. So when I woke up I was mightily confused ... so these were just generic-roommates. Except that one of them was a boy, and I was even confused in my dream about him. He's not allowed to be my roommate, he's a guy! I believe I even told him to go away at one point. I don't remember all of what we bought, except that we had some difficulty in getting the eggs. Guy-roommate pulled out a carton that had lots of cracked eggs, and no, we didn't want that. We wanted really strong eggs that wouldn't break on the way back to the dorm, seeing as we were going to have to bike there.

So then we had this huge cart of groceries (And there were some other really weird parts to the dream that I can't even remember now, except that they we weird. And once it was all paid for, we all kind of stood around and wondered how to get it all back on just my bike. I don't know whether we ended up solving that problem or not, I woke up first. But it was so odd.

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