An alternate recipe for Home Fries:

First we'll start with the ingredients:

Next, we'll talk about preparation. Before you start you'll want to do a few things. First, wash the potatoes, but leave the skins on, and chop them into cubes roughly a quarter inch on a side, although there can be a decent amout of variation and it won't hurt anybody. Next you'll want to chop up the onions (about one quarter the volume of onions as potatoes) and garlic (about one half clove of garlic per onion, minced finely). Pour enough olive oil into the bottom of a high walled cast iron pan to cover one of the little cubes of potato with a 25% or so engineering tolerance. Start the pan on high heat, and let it heat up until the oil is smoking. Now take a handful of your mixed onions, garlic, and potatoes and toss it in (be careful, it will spatter and hiss like the devil). With a wooden spoon stir it all around until the oil is again smoking hot. Repeat the process until all the veggies are in the oil. The reason for doing it this way is that by ensuring that the oil is smoking hot when you add each of the batches of potatoes you'll make sure to flash fry the outermost layer of starch and keep it from turning into a sticky mass. If you want the sticky mass, you should make hash browns instead. Once all the potatoes are in the pan, you can add your seasonings, which will be black pepper to taste, a small dash of paprika, and just a small dash of balsamic vinegar (for four potatoes I'd tend to use less than half a tablespoon).

Once all that has been done, keep it cooking over medium to high flame until all the potatoes are cooked through (be sure to find one of the larger chunks to prod with a fork because the largest ones will take longest to cook), and the outsides of at least a decent percent are slightly browned and crispy. The balsamic vinegar helps in the browning, and adds a tiny bit of flavor. Serve with eggs, and some breakfast meat (fried whitefish, bacon, sausage, etc...).