A sealed toasted sandwich endemic to Australia, originally cooked in a jaffle iron buried deep in the coals of an open fire.

The traditional jaffle was a spartan affair consisting of two pieces of buttered bread with a simple sweet or savoury filling, such as cheese, egg, or banana. With the advent of ubiquitous refrigeration combined with the electric toasted sandwich maker, the abundance of boring leftovers could now be transformed into a culinary delight. Almost overnight, there was renewed public interest in savoury mince and cold spaghetti bolognaise. In a testament to Dick Smith-like Australian ingenuity, unlike a regular toasted sandwich the jaffle has the innate ability to contain flamin' hot, viscous foods such as tinned spaghetti within its crisp toasty carapace.

Regionally, a jaffle is also referred to as a toastie,roastie toastie, or according to bexxta, toastie pies.

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