IDEA FOR A CHILDREN'S EDUCATION COMIC STRIP: Integratron is a fictional fire-breathing, missile-firing, ground stomping robot sent back from the future to kill seventeenth century mathematicians and avoid the development of the mathematical discipline- integral calculus.

The inventor of the Integratron is an evil professor, Dr Nodee-Ex living sometime in the twenty-fifth century. He is not only evil, but mad and he wants to see an end to integration, leaving only differentiation. 'What is the point finding the area under curves, or the volume contained in surfaces when we can find tangent lines and planes!!' he declares loudly from the upper balcony of his futuristic lair.

The arch nemesis of Dr Nodee-Ex is Dr Berringer Newton, the Great, Great,..., Great Grandson of you know who. Dr Newton must stop Dr Nodee-Ex before he prevents the invention of integral calculus and destroys modern society. Dr Newton Jnr pleads: 'So many of the scientific successes that the human race's advancements have been based on have required the use of mathematics and so much of scientific mathematics has relied on integration. Please spare my ancestor and his colleagues...'

Will Dr Nodee-Ex listen to his enemy's pleas or will they go unheard and the Integratron be released on the seventeenth century to cause irreversable destruction? Find out next week...