Excellent but hard to categorize band on Up Records. Land of the Loops is one man, Alan Sutherland, and his turntables, sampler, and funky, funky beats.

No rapping, so it ain't hip-hop, not electronic enough to be "electronica" (whatever THAT means), on a traditionally indie rock label.. damn cool anyway. Think funky, sample-heavy hip-hop blended with turntablist stuff blended with fairly mellow techno, and add occasional female vocals.

The single you may have heard, "Multi-Family Garage Sale", was apparently on a Miller Genuine Draft commercial.. oh yeah, and on Bundle of Joy he samples Ranma 1/2 on at least 3 occasions. cool.

Bundle of Joy - 1996, Up Records
Refried Treats (EP) - 1997, Up Records
Hurry Up and Wait (EP) - 1999, Up Records
Puttering About a Small Land - 2000, Up Records

Land of the Loops is probably most widely known(not by name) for the Volkswagon Jetta commercial music. The commercial where everything is moving in sync to the beat, the couple is sitting in the Jetta, smiling, etc. The tune is "VW Jetta Mix" to thousands of couch potatoes on Audiogalaxy and "Soapyhose" to the group and their fans.

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