A style of management and a method of family trip planning.

The Management Perspective: Managers frequently manage with a hurry-up-and-wait approach. In other words, they're hot on your ass to get some job done. "I need this now! This is the highest priority!" So you work a couple 60 hour weeks and get your end of the project done. You hand it off to your manager and ... it falls to the bottom of his In Box with No Actual Bottom. You either never hear about the project again (or worse discovered it was shelved a week after you started it) or your manager comes back to you six months later with mindless petty changes that again need the hurry up and wait treatment. Fah!

The Dad Planning the Family Trip Perspective: Many of us have been on a family vacation like this. Dad wakes you up at 4 am so you can get to the airport by 5 am to catch a 10 am flight to Florida.

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