So I go into a popular fastfood chain the other day for
a little lunchtime satisfaction.

And because I love service with a smile.

And there's this

........... line ...........

Actually there were several lines
all of which were longer than I had hoped to stand in.

But I stood there anyway

Because I'm an idiot.


I finally get to the front of the line,
and I discover what the holdup was.

It was this
who was taking up space

and doing not much else

What - you might ask - is a counter-wart,

and what was one doing around food that people were going to eat?

Well I'll tell you.

A counter-wart is not

in the conventional sense of the word.

No - it doesn't grow on a person's fingers, toes, nose or genitalia

A counter-wart often, however, has all these features.

You see a counter-wart is a person
(for lack of a better word)
who sits behind the counter
usually at a fast food restaraunt,
who is actually a hinderance to a
transaction rather than a facilitator.

They take up space, and
do little else except
annoy the people
who have to
deal with

You know... like a wart.

Which is why they're called counter-warts

Get it?

And the entire row of registers was FULL of them

Do you know what message this gives to me?
(It's not pretty) THESE are the people on the staff
who are best equipped to
deal with customers.

What a horrifying thought.

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