Siddartha Gautama never actually wrote what he said down. We have third- and fourth- hand accounts of what he passed to his disciples, but nothing was written down until several centuries after his passing.

Awareness is the path of immortality;
thoughtlessness is the path of death.
Those who are aware do not die.
The thoughtless are as if dead already.
The wise having clearly understood this delight in awareness
and find joy in the knowledge of the noble ones.
These wise ones, meditative, persevering,
always using strong effort,
attain nirvana, the supreme peace and happiness. (Dhammapada)

Drugs would cloud awareness and would not be part of this. Tantric Buddhism espoused meditiative sex as a path. There are many paths... Seems to me people often spend a fair amount of effort justifying what they want or are compelled to do...