Well, this nodeshell has been sitting here long enough for me to assume that its author is in no hurry to add a write-up. So, I thought I'd rescue it.

Since I have never heard of the word "antibuddha" before, I can only guess as to its meaning. Two possibilities come to mind:

I believe that there is another possible path for a "Anti-Buddha" to take. The Buddha liberates himself through the mind. Through creating a deep understanding of the world to the level where he does not cling to the world anymore. This is commonly known as a state of nirvana.

Now on the other hand there is spiritual enlightenment through Satori or the immersing of oneself into ones body. This state can be achieved through self flaggelation, crusifiction, or, by way of the Dionysiuns, wild orgies. Someone who has achieved a highly spiritual state through submitting to the pleasures/pains of the flesh would probably be an anti-Buddha.

Note that many practicioners of Buddhism use these same techniques. Stories of monks who meditate under waterfalls or pierce their bodies with harp objects are fairly common in the buddhist literature. And of course there are the martial arts practitioners like the Shaolin who's form of meditation involves complete control of the body to the point of being able to perform almost super-human feats of strength, speed and pain resistance.

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