I do Project Management at work. Well, I do it elsewhere too, but it's what I get paid for. In a number of circles, a large part of my job is often also referred to as Social Engineering.

Recently, over dinner with some friends, I found myself describing the Zen of Social Engineering. Sharing such philosophical points as "You need to help people get over their issues long enough to shove your agenda passed them." "It's not manipulation, it's encouraging people to see that what you are offering them is what they really want."

A bottle of wine or so later, while dodging some of the ethical issues one might encounter in this profession - one of my companions spoke this epiphany - "You're the Evil Buddha!" Matching in build the traditional Buddha statue, and in manner the gleeful embrace of the world as it is, I could hardly argue. The earlier mentioned Zen and the Art... comment didn't hurt either.

So, here I am, with wrap around shades, a goatee, my black leather jacket, and cell phone bending the universe to my will.

Anybody know a good iconographer?

This needs to go on my business cards.

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