Naughty By Nature was one of the best acts, if not the best, that has played the College of Wooster's Party On The Green. Party on the green is nothing more than a giant tent set up on the main quad on campus, between Armington, Stevenson, Kenarden Douglass halls and the Ebert Art Center. It's one big party featuring two or three musical acts for the campus's enjoyment. Naughty By Nature was this year's headliner and they were incredible. They opened the show with O.P.P. and ended with Hip Hop Hooray. They even restarted that song and played it again, much to the enjoyment of the hyped up crowd.

During their show they mentioned several things in response to the horrible events that happened the tuesday before. Many of them were pretty cool, they had a USA chant going several times and twice during the show they said that many followers of the Muslim faith who are Americans do not agree with what happened, same with many Americans of Middle Eastern descent. I thought this was very cool and is an idea that cannot be repeated enough. Unfortunatly, they also said atleast one poor thing. He was playing off of a phrase, I think, said by Ice Cube during his N.W.A. days, maybe right after. Ice Cube said, "If you've never been to the ghetto, don't ever come to the ghetto, because you can't understand the ghetto." Treach, one of the MCs for naughty said the same phrase, but substituting America for ghetto, which isn't really right, imho.

The concert on the other hand, was a hip hopping good time (i can't believe i wrote that). The opening act was called 219 as far as I can tell, I showed up halfway through their set. They were pretty good for local rap. Afterwards, Naughty came on. Treach and Vinnie are two of the most intense rappers I have ever seen. Treach was obviously pumped and excited to play. They played several songs from their albums, which I unfortunatly do not know. They also took time inbetween songs to chat to the crowd or just fool around and have some fun. They teased covers of "Hail Mary" by the late Tupac Shakur, "Up in Here" by DMX and even "Jump Around" by House of Pain for us white boys. They even brought up four guys from the audience to have a little rap contest, just for fun. All in all, It was a great show and I know most of the college enjoyed it.

P.N. It was also very cool of them to give a shout out to my fraternity, Phi Delta Sigma. Thanks guys!

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