A hip-hop group formed in 1992 containing Everlast (recently released two solo albums), Danny Boy 0'Conner, and DJ Lethal (currently a member of Limp Bizkit). They are widely labeled a one hit wonder by most critics. This is mainly due to their hit single "Jump Around". However, they released three albums containing phat beats, and awesome lyrics

House of Pain, 1992 (see below)
Same as it Ever Was, 1994
Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again, 1996

Soon after completing their last album they broke up due to personality conflicts within the band.

Released in 1992, this album gained most of it's success due to the hit song, Jump Around

Track listing:

1. Salutations (1:08)
2. Jump Around (3:37)
3. Put Your Head Out (3:02)
4. Top O' the Morning to YA (3:37)
5. Commercial 1 (0:08)
6. House and the Rising Son (3:39)
7. Shamrocks and Shenanigans (3:38)
8. House of Pain Anthem (2:35)
9. Danny Boy, Danny Boy (1:54)
10. Guess Who's Back (3:59)
11. Commercial 2 (0:21)
12. Put on Your Shit Kickers (3:10)
13. Come and Get Some of This (2:51)
14. Life Goes On (2:43)
15. One For the Road (2:49)
16. Feel It (4:00)
17. All My Love (3:20)
18. Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix) (3:56)
19. Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom / Butch Vig Mix) (3:57)

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