A public greeting, usually on a call-in radio show, in a newsletter of some kind, or another medium in which strangers are likely to notice the shout out.

Many "urban" (hip-hop) radio stations in the US have a scheduled program for listeners to phone the station, go on the air, and give a shout out to their friends homies. (Thanks to PureDoxyk for the concise, if publicly humiliating, language tips.)

This is a shout out to all y'all n**ers on E2... keep it real!

For us old folks, to shout out is to yell in a very loud voice. Sometimes used during anger, stress, annoyance, being overcome with joy, or just as a random act. It is suggested you do this in an outdoor environment, as shouting out loud in a crowded office will cause all of the cubicle gophers to pop their heads up. Performing a shout out near cliffs cause nifty echoes.

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