diminutive form of homeboys. Refers either to someone from the same general area as yourself, or someone with whom you are good friends.

Homies are a relatively new collectable line of miniature figures. The first true "gumball ethnic toy," Homies are available through the fifty-cent machines at grocery stores or restaurants. They come in little plastic bubbles, wrapped in a plastic bag and full of ghetto realism.

They are supposed to personify an inner city group, and the figures range in race from Asian American to African American. Characteristic names such as "El Padrecito," "Chato suave," "Japon" and "Big Buddha" help signify the race and the personal characteristics of each Homie. Also, if you want to know more about each Homies' personality and background, the official Homie website has written information for each figure.

There have been four sets released so far, and plans for future sets are probable. Each set has a total of 24 figures that you can collect. Currently, only sets 3 and 4 are available at stores and restaurants. The older sets can be obtained on ebay.

The Official Homies Website: http://www.homies.tv/home.htm

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