A date at the local coffee shop is the best place for a first date. Not only is coffee cheap, if one party does not want the caffine, then other drinks that are also low in price are available. Since you will only be drinking coffee, you do not have to worry about food on your face or a napkin on your lap.

Now if this is the first date, you have to remember that you are not there to socialize. The purpose of the first date is to discover first if you like her, and if so then second, what makes her feel romantic. One thing to look out for is the amount of the psycho hose beast within your date. Some give aways are her bringing a male friend with her on the date or telling you that there are guys stalking her. Obviously she knows that you asked her on a date, so there is no reason for this male friend. He will make you unable to properly flirt with your date and shouldn't be there in the first place. If your date brings a guy friend with her, then you should keep up the idle chatter and leave in 10 - 20 minutes. This date was a waste of your time.

Now if while drinking your coffee you discover that this date has more then one guy stalking her, this is another sign that the psycho hose beast is on the prowl. Chances are that no one is stalking her, and these guys that she says are stalking her are in fact ex's which want nothing to do with her. This female is dangerous because if your relationship with her progresses and you have a falling out, she may call the cops and say you are stalking her. this is not good.

Good luck in your coffee ventures.