A thing that basically means "final argument." Sometimes occurs at the end of friendships and relationships; always occurs at the end of short and bloody friendships. A falling out is not a pretty thing and will usually leave you feeling drained. Just spend time with your good friends, keep your mind off it, and you'll feel better. It happens to everyone sooner or later; it's a normal part of life. There are some people with whom we just don't get along.

This is a song by Ween, from the album White Pepper.

Another song with a country sound and even a couple of "country-sounding" phrases. Another one of Ween's melodramatic pseudo-ballads chronicling feuds between people, though I have no idea if this is based on a real event of any kind.

Falling out, it's the end
May as well have never been
The cards are up, the chips are all cashed in
You won't see me again
Don't consider me your friend
Falling out, look away, it's the end

My favorite line is "Two faces I could see, as you shook my money tree," it's a very artistic way of calling someone two-faced. The lyrics about being lovers in the beginning and later referring to this person as a "big brother" is a litte odd, since to my knowledge Gene Ween is married and with an affinity for chicks besides.

This song is © 2000 by Ween, Elektra Records.

White Pepper
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