A Television channel where Music Videos are played more or less continuously. The channel will often also schedule Pop Star interviews and music documentaries, and may show general entertainment related news (film, TV etc, etc)

A problem with video music channels can be that they will (obviously) only play music where the video is suitable for television viewing. This may seem like common sense, but if the video contains "objectionable" content it will be either cut or only shown late at night. Examples of videos that have been treated in this way are Aphex Twin's, "Come to Daddy" and Robbie Williams' "Rock DJ"

Video Music Channels are a relatively recent TV phenonema, gaining popularity in the 80's, to their massive following today.

Here in the UK, there are 9 music channels available if you subscribe to Sky Digital satellite:

  • MTV - Popular music and interviews
  • MTV Extra - repeats from MTV, with Dance from 11pm
  • MTV Base - R&B and hip-hop
  • VH1 - Older hits and documentaries
  • VH1 Classic - continuous older hits
  • MTV2 - Alternative and Rock, with cool viewer chosen hour long segments (my favourite :-)
  • The Box - Viewers choose the hits from a telephone based system.
  • KISS - Pop, Garage and R&B from Kiss FM
  • UK Play - Music and Comedy, run by the BBC

The best example of a Video Music Channel is, of course, MTV.

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