A non-fiction/popular culture book on "The history of the disc jockey" by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton. Also the title of the soundtrack album to the book (on nuphonic records).

The book covers the history of modern day dance music from beginnings in radio through the pioneers of night clubs and right through to the present day status of multi-millionaire DJs. There are some surprises (who'd have thought before his turn to the dark side that Jimmy Savile was the first person to use two turntables and a microphone?) and some familiar stories (you've heard of Kool Herc, right?) and the whole thing just about avoids sounding a little inflated as it works its way up the ladder of exhaulted superstar DJs.

The charm of the book lies with the fact it is, as The Face magazine puts it,

"Written with a music lover's zeal and a populist scope, this is one for anyone who has ever found themselves lost on a dancefloor."

Definitely worth a read for budding DJs, it's as essential as Led Zeppelin to rock fans or Descartes to philosophers. Know where you are, who got you there, and how they did it.

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