Addiction = Beaten!

updated 30th September 2000

I relapsed once. But I am OK. If this writeup is now surplus to requirements, please ask for it to be removed.

But I am rather proud right now : )

A little background. I almost lost my left leg in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. A severe compound fracture of my lower left tibia and fibula put me into hospital for 2 months and unable to walk for 6 months. To cope with the continuing pain, I have been taking many and varied painkillers for several years, despite repeated attempts to give up. Recent news about Matthew Perry's liver failure has prompted me to try and give up forever.

I haven't taken a single painkiller for about 6 weeks, the longest I have ever lasted. The previous attempts to give up all failed. But I have a secret weapon this time - Everything! (and chamomile tea, but that's a different story :-)

If you have any advice for me, any ways to lessen the pain or ways to beat the deep want for drugs or if you have beaten an addiction please mail me. Mail me if you just want to cheer from the sidelines, or even if you want to take the piss.
is the address.