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But I'm supposed to be off sick, dammit!

Yes, more calls from work. Can I just tell someone how to import such and such into the thingamijig, and could I email someone with detailed instructions on how to run our source control server.

Umm, hello? Does the word recuperation mean anything to you? Leave me alone and let me get better.

I have been told that my friend Mark has got a login here on e2! Help! Has anyone else found that they panic when presented with the prospect of someone from real life reading all their nodes?

Hmm, if there's one good thing about recuperating from an operation, it is that I get all my food shopping bought for me. I could really get used to all this lazing around...

And my Mother is making Lasange for me! Yay!

12:45 BST

Erm, Quick Question for you all: I want a webcam that will work with Mandrake 7.1. It must be USB. I have looked at the philips vesta pro, and the creative labs webcam go plus. Any suggestions? Thanks.

18:40 BST

I must remember to node those ambient CDs mark got me:

Well, at some point I shall node them. yeah, right