Album: From Within
Artist: Pete Namlook and Richie Hawtin
Label: Fax +49-69/450464, Ambient World, Minus Inc.
Year: 1994
Rating: 5/5
Summary: A playful, fun album that's great to drift off to. Sublime.

The first of three collaborations between Pete Namlook and Richie Hawtin (also known as F.U.S.E. and Plastikman), From Within is an epic journey. Although it explores a fair amount of territory between ambient and ambient techno, it seems effortless, leaving the listener feeling relaxed rather than drained.

The main focus is on a handful of sequenced melodies and rhythms. Although they are short and repetitive, sounding only a bit more thought out than a spontaneous jam, they work surprisingly well. Their simple, playful nature is a delight to listen to as they drift in and out amongst calm pads and clean sub-bass. Despite this combination of straightforward sounds, the music as a whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. From Within stands up to repeated listens very well, and is good enough to warrant many of them.

Overall, this is a sublime, relaxing album with the ability to seamlessly move from beat oriented music to pure ambient and back again while retaining its simple elegance. Ideal for listening to late at night.

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