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08:30 BST

I just walked the two miles into work for the first time in a month. My stepfather has now left the company down the road from mine; he can no longer drive me to work. It was a lovely morning: a few clouds in the sky and quite warm.

Please Stop Annoying Me bloke has been avoiding me... I wonder if my node's vibes got through to him?

09:30 BST

The plant I brought into work with me 1 week ago is wilting. The compost is moist, but not waterlogged and the plant is in the correct position. I am perhaps attaching too much of myself onto this plant. Somehow I feel that if it dies, then I have failed. Literally, I will have failed to care for it, but I feel the failure to be something larger, something that should define me. It may just be that I am depressed because it is so quiet around here.

19:00 BST

Well, I finally plucked up the courage...

I had a quick impromptu meeting with my General Manager. I told him that I wasn't happy in my support only role; I want to do more creative, coding type work. He told me that I had been "sold" to him on the strength of my support skills. Sold? Am I just a thing to be bartered between souless corporate automatons? I replied that I hadn't been consulted about my career, and that I wanted to remain on track to become a UI designer. I was a good little corporate bunny and assured him that I wouldn't leave before the September trade show in Amsterdam.

It's amazing how quickly my Project Leader started being nicer to me. He asked me what he could do to lighten my workload - I replied that he could do my testing for me. He winced, but agreed!

ClearCase is dying! Hoo-bloody-Ray! After realising that we would have to spend 18 thousand pounds to get the full functionality of this Rational Software product, the powers that be suddenly became more open to other ideas! Watch this space for CVS and the debian bug tracking system! The fact that other sections have been using CVS for years also goes in my favour.

I was importing some documents onto my system when our product manager spotted my X-Men trailer quicktime file. I waited for the worst to happen, but he asked if he could watch it! It seems that there are X-men fans everywhere. Now if the film could hurry up and open here in the UK, I'll be happy.