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08:14 BST

Bah. I got four hours sleep last night. I have a full working day ahead of me, and then a pub and curry trip. Then tomorrow I am in London installing software for a customer. I am going to be so tired it will be scary.

More security cameras have appeared at strategic locations around the office. No one knows what they are for, but I am assuming they are to prevent thefts. After all, we had about 10,000 pounds worth of kit go missing 6 months ago; it makes sense the cameras go in now?

15:40 BST

I have spent all day trying to get a PC talking to a Sun Netra T1 server. The whole exercise has proved impossible, which has not improved my mood.

Cheapo CDs bought: Primal Scream's Screamadelica and REM's Green. These will improve my mood before going out tonight, or else.

Several E2 regulars have been hurting recently. I must node my thoughts on this later.

I've been amused to notice many E2 newbies noding for numbers and rapidly gaining XP and levels... Did/Do E2 longtimers view me with the same bemusement?

16:15 BST

Dare I sleep before going out? I don't want to sleep for maybe 6 hours and miss the festivities.

20:05 BST

Gah. I slept for too long and the buses aren't running. I shall have to stay in tonight. :(

22:35 BST

I am happier now. A heady combination of #everything, lemon hooch and Purdeys have restored me to good humour.

Apart from a brief troll interruption (I still don't understand those guys], irc has been humming along. Why, however, do all our conversations degenerate into the subjects of alcohol, sex or linux?

idoru told us that he is OK. He's in Northern Ireland and the problems there are A Bad Thing(tm).

Apprently, I am the only one on #everything who uses rm -fr rather than rm -rf. What's up with that? Everyone knows that F is below R on a keyboard, hence touch typing commands (you do touch type, don't you?) means that your left index finger moved naturally from the F to the R. There, -fr is the way to go.