The three of us were stowaways on a delivery truck. We arrived at the huge, sprawling hotel and sneaked in via the conveyor belt. The conveyor took us to a small room and dumped us behind a desk. There was a friendly rottweiler who was pleased to see us and thumped the side of the desk with it's tail. There was a bunch of people having a meeting in the room, but they didn't see or hear us.

We jumped through the trapdoor and landed on the beach. It was cold out, but dream girl was dressed in a white bikini. We were worried about offending the parents and scaring the children, but we smooched anyway - she was on top (a strange dream detail...)

An angry teenage boy shot me with lightning, scaring and hurting dream girl. I struggle with the guy; every time his hand touched my forehead, lightning sparks and I get weaker and more in pain. I finally touch his forehead and electricity sparks everywhere. I hold my hand there until he is dead, and I don't show any remorse. Dream Girl is unhappy that I could be so callous.