Damn you, Jessicapierce! I've started dreaming in the style of your dreamlogs...

Must... Resist...

We were lying on the mossy ground between the huge trees, the wind was cold on our naked skin.

The knights wouldn't let me into the town until I produced a printout of my birthday cards.

nate sent me an email saying that I had been given 1000 extra XP for spinning around a lot. (1)

Her shoulders were sunburned and she didn't want me to treat them. I massaged her feet with olive oil instead.

The telephone answered itself and said that I was tuning my racing car.

We ran through the forest, avoiding the monsters in the shadows. The glass cottage was too far and I was out of breath. She drove me home in a magical car with no sides.

The planets were hanging large in the sky, but no one wanted to do anything about it.

(1) I dreamed about E2. I feel such an addict. :-)