RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) has its own "steam tunnels", but unlike most colleges, they get a lot of use out of them. Both the academic and the residential sides of campus are undermined with various tunnels; these tunnels have plenty of pipes and wires going through them, but they also are easily accessed by way of the elevators and stairs. Rochester winters are really bad, so most people are pretty glad to have them when the snow starts to pile up and the Quarter Mile turns into "the wind tunnel".

On the residential side of campus, students have been allowed to put up murals on the tunnel walls (after applying for permission, of course). These murals include everything from Star Trek to Led Zeppelin and are of varying artistic quality. The recently added College Republicans mural is working its way toward the title of "most vandalized".

The RIT tunnels are also home to the res-hall post office and several stores.