So you want to know about the wonderful world of infiltration? Want to sneak into some buildings and cause mayhem? Well stop right there!

Here are some things you Need To Know:
The Unwritten Rules:

  • Dont Take Anything:
    Even if it seems like something that you would really like to have, or something you would like to show off, its not cool to steal. The whole reason you're infiltrating is to see whats there right?

  • Don't Damage Anything
    It's infiltration, not break and enter. You're purpose is not to destroy, but to discover.

  • You Were Never There:
    As tempting as it may be to inform everyone that "me wuz here", its just not cool. You may very well bar the way for future infiltrators.

    With that all said and done we can move on to the meat of the subject. How do you do it? How do you not get CAUGHT doing it?


  • Silence is GOLDEN:
    The best way to avoid detection is to always remember that discretion is the better part of valor. After all, if they can't hear you, they arent as likely to see you.

  • I'm SUPPOSED to be here!:
    In some situations, the best way to infiltrate is to walk in like you own the place. This is especially efficient in hotels and certain businesses. A suit goes a LONG way. Always act the part and remember, they know as MUCH about you as you do them. Unless you've done your homework.

  • Theres Always An Easier Way:
    Quite possibly one of the most important things to remember. You will RARELY have to force your way in somewhere, which you shouldn't do anyways. Ask yourself if there is a back way? is there a top way? is there a bottom way? Remember that game you played as a kid.. Over, Under, Around and Through. It applies here.

  • The Joys Of Line Of Sight:
    If you can remember that sight pertains usually to a straight line, you can avoid detection easier. It's amazing how well being quiet and walking right past someone while their back is turned works. Most people are caught up in their thoughts.

    But what, you are now asking, should you do if you ARE caught? Well boys and girls we have an answer for that as well!


  • Feign Stupidity:
    Because, you know... bathrooms are ALWAYS on the roof!

  • Ask Questions:
    Pretend like you just got confused, and you want to know how to get somewhere.

    You may not like to admit it, but you've been lying your whole life. Use those skills!

    Much like anything, infiltration is a skill which comes with practice. Do some drains, rooftops, hotels, whatever interests you. It's a heck of a good time, and remember.... YOU BELONG HERE!
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