Today everything changed. Again.

Last night’s devotion has now become this afternoon’s longing. The poem that seemed too wonderful then has now become very profound in its inclination of tragedy. We broke up, again. A long time girlfriend now goes onward into the rotting halls of my memory, and for that I am mournful.

I always pictured her so perfectly, devoting myself to her as well as I could. What once was is again shattered, however this time I do not feel the sting of agony rising up in my very soul. It is a clean break, she is away, and gone out of my life but this time I am not alone. Though I said it before, it has become some sort of personal cliché or motto of misery; everything is going to be all right.

Today everything begins again.

We created this account in order to elucidate what we didn’t already know as well as propagate the knowledge of our experiences and journeys. This, like all else in life is an experiment, in emotion, in fact and in reality. We do not seek perfection, we long for enlightenment and intellectual growth. This is hardly a beginning but the extension of life and its lessons.

This is what it is, and what will be will be.