In Chinese mythology, vampires (not exactly the kind you'll find in gothic tradition, in fact more like zombies) are "killed" by placing a blessed strip of paper upon their forehead.

This paper is known as a "fu", which means "good luck" in Mandarin. It is typically yellow in colour, with black words written on it by some powerful Taoist priest. Apparently it is supposed to supress the evil spirit within the vampire and prevent it from moving; the vampire is put into a state of suspended animation until the "fu" is removed.

Of course, appropriate exposure to holy artifacts such as very large pieces of cloth with the word "Tao"(Dao) written all over them works as well, but methinks old Chinese films do not make the most reliable source of information.

Oh, sticky rice (often known as glutinous rice or nuo mi) works too. And if you can't get your hands on any proper vampire-killing equipment, there's always the ever-useful Ultimate Bazooka of Thermonuclear Apocalypse.

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