there's a beauty in the old ways--
dank and tattered sometimes, but darkly majestic,
if you have eyes to see and mind to sense.

wild roses and black lace
are noble if you see beyond their darkness.
There's a slow joy to a world not fully
sunlight and bright flowers.
moonlight and cherry blossoms
bring as much, if you can see.

Outdated, archaic, ancient are hurled...
but if all forget the old
a shining-steel city, polished and new, results.
a chrome-plated tribute to our own magnificence.
but metal has no soul.

let the old the earth the dark surround.
some need remember.

as for me... i find that
there's a beauty in the old ways--
and i embrace it and drink its dark peace.
and if chrome turns on me for history, and i must die?

let it be in old ways,
and, as is killed the vampire... kill me... chain to grave with wild roses

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